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Privacy Awareness Training PowerPoint Course

Data Privacy Awareness Training

Medical Records Privacy Awareness Training PowerPoint Download

Medical Records (HIPAA) Privacy Awareness Training

California data privacy awareness training for employees

California Privacy Training

Data Privacy Self Assessment Tool

Data Privacy Self Assessment Tool

Remote workers security awareness training

Remote Working Security Training

Personal Data Breach Notification Template

Personal Data Breach Notification Template

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Looking for a free template to record your processing activities?

Record of Processing Activities Template


Data Privacy Impact Assessment .xls Template

Data Privacy Policy Sample Template

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Trends In Data Privacy

In the US the number of data privacy related law suits is expected to double in the next 3 years. This is in large part to new and updated regulations like California’s CPRA, HIPAA privacy rules, increased enforcement funding for regulators like the FTC & HHS-OCR and proliferation of global privacy laws.
On top of the regulatory aspect are the rising costs of a data breach which is likely to double in the next 5 years from where it is today at $9.4m in the US. This compounded with a global shortage of security personnel and an exponential growth in data and 3rd party apps makes for a challenging landscape as the stats bear out below.

Data Privacy Solutions San Francisco

Privacy Snap Stats


Average cost of a data breach in the US in 2022


The number of data breaches reported in the first half of 2022 in the US


The average tenure in months of a CSO, with 24% leaving within a year of starting.


Selling price for the top 10% of stolen medical records. The average price for a stolen credit card was $15 in comparison.


Then number of individual healthcare records which have been exposed by hackers YTD Oct 31st 2022.


GDPR Fine issued to Dedalus Biologie in 2021 for a data breach involving 500,000 people which included medical information on (HIV, cancers, genetic diseases, pregnancies, drug therapy of patients, or genetic data).

data privacy training support

Privacy Support

Are you looking for flexible professional support for your environment? Find out more about our Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) Click on the button below to find out more.

Data Privacy Program Help

Building up a data privacy function can be a challenge with a lot of moving parts. It’s more common than ever to outsource major parts of privacy program development to experts until insourcing makes sense. Talk to us when your ready about support options for your business.

GDPR / HIPAA Training

HIPAA Compliance Training

View our latest HIPAA Compliance training for employees available on our Shop now. Our training covers the 2022/23 HIPAA updates, ePHI types, best practice for data sharing and risk avoidance at home and in the workplace.

Data Privacy Officer

Find out more about our DPOaaS service

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Data Privacy Downloadables

Security & Privacy Downloadables

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Data Privacy Solutions San Francisco

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More Privacy Stats

Average time to respond to a DSAR for California Businesses – 32 Days
Avg Monthly Number of US court filings citing CCPA breaches in 2022- 36 Cases
92% Growth in US Data Privacy Jobs in the last 3 years

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