PCI-DSS 4.0 Security Primer Presentation

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The PCI-DSS 4.0 compliance deadline is fast approaching, major changes on org-wide risk assessments, vulnerability management and training come with it. In this payments GRC presentation we walk you through the basics of the changes in a visual format and show you the foundational aspects of payment card compliance so that your organization is fully prepared.


PCI-DSS 4.0 Security Primer Presentation

Why I need this training?

The PCI-DSS 4.0 complance deadline is fast approaching and FinServ and other sectors need to be ready for the changes. The payment card security standard 3.2.1 to 4.0 version jump brings a host of changes which need to be ready for whether you perform annual ROC’s or SAQ’s. This training takes you through payment card security principles while highlighting the important 4.0 changes. This will ensure that your ready while giving you the ability to share this information with other principals, stakeholders and staff in a presentation format.

What’s included in the training?

  • What is payment card data?.
  • V4.0 Payment card standards.
  • Payment card compliance levels.
  • About the PCI-DSS 4.0 standard.
  • Targeted Risk Assessments (TRAs) v4.0 Requirements.
  • Payment card roles & responsibilities.
  • Card handling guidance.
  • Fraudulent card detection.
  • Card phishing risks.
  • Payment card breaches.
  • Pathway to PCI-DSS 4.0 compliance.

Use cases for our privacy training

  • Ongoing employee awareness training. PCI-DSS 4.0 requires target training in phishing and other specific threats which is included in this presentation.
  • HR onboarding training. New hires and external vendors who work on your CDE or may have access to your CDE require NDA’s and corpsec training. This fits the bill for card security training objectives.
  • Background information for presentations. Use all or some of these slides for various audiences as suits. Some of the diagrams can be very useful in explaining complex topics to a room of techies and non-techies.
  • Proof of v4.0 training compliance to regulators /customers / business partners. QSA’s will always ask for proof of training compliance with the new standard. Are your covered?
  • Personal training tool for career mobility / certification.
  • As material for external consultants who are creating presentations to client stakeholders.


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This training was created by a former QSA with 15 years financial services experience. Many hours of development went into this slide deck including research, graphics, peer review and changes based on client feedback.


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