Remote Working Security Awareness Training


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Our remote working security awareness training powerpoint is a fast way to train employees on the risks associated with remote working. In the deck we cover the main risks for employees to be aware of with interactive examples, a graded quiz and a submission form to notify trainers of course completion. (See encl: sample slides with index) and more detailed description below.

Last updated on: December 6, 2022


Remote working and a mobile workforce pose unique risks to organizations as security safeguards are decentralized and threat actors have more opportunities to launch attacks.

In this presentation we try to raise awareness of the main threats to workers in the home and locations outside the office. In this 28 slide PowerPoint we cover

  1. Wireless risks
  2. File sharing risks
  3. Home Computer Security
  4. Phishing/Smishing Risks
  5. Cellphone Security
  6. Video Conferencing Risks
  7. Password Management &
  8. Remote Connectivity Security

We also include interactive examples, a graded quiz, a recap, glossary and a submission form to submit results to a designated trainer.

Technical Information

The training is in .pptm (PowerPoint Macro enabled), therefore you maybe prompted to enable macros for it to work.
As macros arent supported on Android, macro enabled features will not work on mobile players. If you want the macro free version (less features) contact us at [email protected]


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