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Our 2024 combo security and privacy presentation training solution for employees is an ideal solution for orienting staff on the key areas in both domains all in one place. We combine our best selling training courses into one offering which covers cybersecurity and privacy objectives. Presented in a simple, user friendly format with fun magic ball games to help reinforce concepts.

Data Privacy Awareness Presentation 4 Module Course for Employees 2024

Our data privacy awareness presentation training course solution is a great solution for training employees effectively in your organization on data privacy. Includes 3 content modules and a fun privacy game module, full coverage of important privacy concepts to help you reduce risk in your organization. Also included, our free privacy awareness tips poster.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Slides Course 2024

Train your staff the economical way with our 4 part cybersecurity awareness training slides course. Covers common threats & device security - module 1, remote working security - module 2, phishing (email security) - module 3 and a fun cyber awareness training game in module 4. Video previews included. Also includes free awareness tips poster in print and web format. Great value, professionally designed.


Our combo training combines our best selling data privacy and cybersecurity training courses at an affordable price. With 6 content slidedeck modules and 2 game modules this training covers all the major need-to-know areas of each domain, check out the individual product links Data Privacy Awareness Training Course and the Data Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course to get the full spec on each product. (Both product descriptions open in new browser windows).

The product preview images show the indexes for all the content modules.

Product Benefits

  • You get a bundled offering of cybersecurity and privacy training in one place for a low-cost.
  • Easy to understand, non-techie format which increases trainee engagement.
  • Easy to upload to Sharepoint to get enterprise management features.
  • One-off purchase with no annoying demos or hard to cancel, locked-in monthly subscriptions.
  • Includes video slide on phishing and other animated slides to further keep users engaged.
  • Orients employees to the concepts of data privacy and it’s importance for customers and businessess alike.
  • Reduces risk of human errors which are most commonly associated with personal data breaches.
  • Reduces costly fines in cases of a breach as employees will be considered to have been trained in the eyes of regulatory bodies.
  • Includes the latest risks for 2024 as required by the regulations.
  • Includes speaker notes.
  • Easy to modify for your needs.
  • As it’s PowerPoint it’s easy to integrate and share on platforms such as Zoom & Teams.
  • Latest ppt format which adds rich features and functionality.
  • Includes fun interactive privacy game to stimulate minds as humor is considered a more effective path to learning.

How Do I Share The Training Most Effectively For my Organization?

Fortunately PowerPoint is a very extensible platform which can be shared effectively via a number of methods. For Corporate wide distribution Microsoft recommends SharePoint as it has AD integration, versioning and embedding capabilities. Here is a useful link to show you two methods for Publishing on SharePoint via uploading to it’s document library or embedding as a Web part.
PowerPoint also allows you to share presentations from within PowerPoint via the Share button within PowerPoint (View the Microsoft guidance here). When you use a Business edition of SharePoint you can specify AD groups such as “Training Group” to distribute the link to staff effectively.

If none of these methods work well for you, we can provide a SCORM compliant version of the training. Use the Contact Us page to inquire about SCORM compliance / LMS integration or any other questions.


This product is not intended for resale, it’s purchase is valid for use within one organization or as a personal use transaction. Additional parties / organizations such as parent / subsidiary companies require separate licenses.

Compatibility Details

These presentations use the latest PowerPoint format which is compatible with Mobile powerpoint players. Some decks are pptm (macro enabled) which may require you to approve Active X if a message box appears when running the slideshow.

Be sure to check junk mail in case you didn’t get your download link on checkout.

Payments / Refunds

Payments will appear as DPO Solutions on your billing statement. Refunds are limited to technical issues that cannot be resolved via troubleshooting.

Remote & Onsite Support

Remote consultant support is available for all our products. Onsite enterprise support within the continental US is available for this product or broader LMS training work. All work is performed by a US citizen with CISSP, CISA credentials. NDA’s no probs.

What about other training solutions

We have many related products on our online store which are available to download at a great price.


Go to our Contact us page if you have any questions about this product or any of our other of our great offerings.

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Data Privacy Awareness Presentation 4 Module Course for Employees 2024

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Corp Basic, Corporate+

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Slides Course 2024



5 reviews for Data Privacy and Security Awareness Training PPT Download Combo Pack

  1. H Mueller, Hamburg (verified owner)

    Very good, would recommend to anyone in compliance.

  2. M Tegas, TX (verified owner)

    Im a training instructor based in Germany and I’ve used several of these products in the field for a client of mine. Like the non-jargonistic style, coverage and features.

  3. L Roberts, CT (verified owner)


  4. M. Hayes, NY (verified owner)

    Really useful and like the overall format and features

  5. D Fernandez, TX (verified owner)

    Good value for money, we’ve been using DPO solutions for a lot of our security compliance material lately.

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