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Cybersecurity Awareness Training PPT Course 2024 ed


(10 customer reviews)

Train your staff the economical way with our 4 part cybersecurity awareness training slides course. Covers common threats & device security – module 1, remote working security – module 2, phishing (email security) – module 3 and a fun cyber awareness training game in module 4. Video previews included. Also includes free awareness tips poster in print and web format. Great value, professionally designed.


The cybersecurity awareness training course is a cost-effective way to quickly get staff up to speed on cybersecurity to keep your organization safe. It covers fundamental security topics such as password security, email security, patching, phishing, laptop and mobile device security in an easy to follow, user friendly presentation format. The Preview Video of module 1 is on our YouTube channel (remember to subscribe).
Note that this training is Macro enabled (.pptm) as VBA macros power many of the great features coded into it. We can offer a non-macro (pptx) versions without many of the features by contacting us, using the contact us page.

We’ll try and answer some of your questions here!

Why is this training format better than others? Well, our training can be given with or without a presenter. You’ll notice that all the information is on the slide and not in bullet points. This means, a presenter does not need to explain the points which is the case with 99% of other presentations, you’ll see elsewhere. Those presentations have reductive bullet points which probably only mean something to the presenter. Our slides have all the needed information on the slide.

What does this mean for you? You can share the presentation with staff and have them read it on their own time and take the module quizzes to test their knowledge. This is a major administration time saver for you and a key reason why many other training courses fail.

What are our customers saying? 94% of our customers rate the training with 5 stars, citing their like for the simplicity and elegance of the solution when compared to expensive cousins on the market today.

Why is it low-cost? It’s at a promotional rate as product support is ending in Q4.

What about discounts? We have seasonal and multi-buy discounts. They’ll be applied automatically when you add items to the cart. We also offer loyalty coupons for returning customers.

What if I don’t like it after I buy it? We don’t like dissatisfied customers, we want to fix issues and find alternatives. If we can’t we’ll give you a refund, no questions. Just use the contact us page to get in touch.

Who / What designed it? It’s not generic AI ChatGPT prompt generated output as you might see in other products out there. Our (human) designer is Paul R. ([email protected]), whose CISSP, CIPP/US, CISA certified with a background in graphics. Content is based on his 20+ years experience and knowlege of cybersecurity.

Why buy this product now? I want to continue searching for other products to see if I can do better! We encourage you to look elsewhere, we have, and that’s why we were inspired to develop this simpler training approach at a low risk price. We just ask that you bookmark this page so you know where to come back too after you’ve seen the others.

What if it’s not quite what I’m looking for, I’ve got specific needs or I have a product question! We understand, every situation is different and your short on time. What we can offer is a track record of building solutions and working through problems. If you want alot more or just want to clarify something, email the designer, [email protected] and he’ll try to help, or if your the suffering in silence type and want to take a pass, it’s ok too.

Do you have a VIP/Beta program? Yes for mid-large size US based organizations who are evaluating new training methods.

Module Breakout

Module 1: Common Threats & Device Security
    • Choosing a password
    • Storing a password
    • Email Security
    • Malicious Texts
    • Laptop Security
    • Mobile Device Security
    • Media Disposal
    • Interactive Quiz
    • Risk Recap
    • Further Reading Links

Module 2: Remote Working Security
    • Home Network Security
    • Remote Computer Use Good Practices
    • Video Conference Security
    • AV & Patching
    • VPN Security
    • Backup Security
    • Social Media Security
    • Drive Encryption
    • Quiz
    • Recap & Further Reading Links

Module 3: Phishing & Email Security
    • What is Phishing?
    • The Impact of Phishing on Business
    • Types of Phishing
    • Identifying a Phishing Email
    • Malicious Texts (Smishing)
    • 6 Ways to Prevent Phishing
    • Preventing Identity Theft
    • Interactive Quiz
    • Risk Recap
    • Further Reading Links
Module 4: Cybersecurity Game
    • 8 Question “Magic 8 Ball” fun game to challenge students on good cyber practices
    • Covers social media privacy exposure
    • Covers a phishing example
    • Covers password security
    • Covers the concept of protecting personal details

Up to date security training is required by all security GRC regulations, standards and certifications today and is a proven method of reducing human risk. Studies have shown a high degree of user disengagment and security ‘snow blindness” when similar training is administered again and again. This is why a new approach is needed, read the benefits.
Our presentation style training is a simple, economical alternative to other training offerings out there. Read the benefits below.


Benefit of this training includes;

  • We use plain language to communicate and raise awareness for cybersecurity topics.
  • A low-cost solution with no monthly subscriptions or hidden fees that most other sites charge.
  • No integration requirements into your environment.
  • Includes speaker notes to add examples and content for several slide.
  • Easy to deploy on users home drives, network share drives etc.
  • Coverage of the main risks at a high level so most employees will understand.
  • Teaches students on the risks associated with personal mobile devices
  • Teaches students on the very real risks associated with weak passwords.
  • Designed for onsite and remote workers while using work or personal assets.
  • Includes graded quizzes to help learners really understand the content.
  • Includes completion notification form.
  • Included certificate generation feature.
  • Includes glossary and additional resource reading links.
  • Includes cybersecurity awareness tips poster.
  • Easy to customize as it’s a powerpoint format.
  • ISTA Accredited training.

What’s Included?

4 PowerPoint decks; Part 1 Common Threats and Device Security Part 2 Remote Working Security. Part 3 Phishing / Email Security, Part 4 Cybersecurity Magic 8 Ball Game (ppsx format).
Also includes a free security awareness tips poster in PDF print format (300dpi) and web format (for web/email) dimensions = 6.22in x 8.66in
The corporate premium edition comes with 1 year of product support and updates (please retain your order number when contacting us [email protected]). This includes any changes or troubleshooting of up to 10 hours over a year period from the time of purchase.

Use Cases?
This training powerpoint and material has a wide range of uses such as;

  • As fresh material for your cybersecurity awareness program.
  • Evidence of a proactive up-to-date training program for regulatory/certification bodies,auditors and customers.
  • As a personal learning tool for security and privacy topics to jumpstart your understanding of this space.
  • Trainers who need material for client training and presentations.
  • HR Onboarding (New Hires).
  • Meeting mandatory compliance annual training obligations.
  • As a form of new training for stale content in your organization, a common reason why employees disengage from security training.

Why You Need it?

According to a recent study by Standford University, 88% of data breaches are caused by human error. This number has dramatically increased with the advent of Covid and remote working. In the study, 25% of employees surveyed admitted to clicking on a phishing link on a workplace machine. With the average cost of a breach now over $9m in the US and roughly half that amount in Europe, the stakes are simply to high to rely on old and stale methods of training.
You need something that is new, easy to understand, illustrative yet comprehensive enough to make distracted employees think about the risks every time they sit in front of an operating system.


  • Easy to understand coverage of security risks in a modular format.
  • Includes speaker notes for several slides for extra information.
  • High quality graphics for a professional look and feel.
  • Macro powered (.pptm) format which powers many of the training’s useful features.
  • Covers working from home security and personal device security.
  • Includes a short multiple choice quiz to test user comprehension.
  • Economic file size for easy email distribution.
  • Contains many fun animation features for enhanced learning.
  • Easy to use navigation controls.

How Do I Share The Training Most Effectively For my Organization?

Fortunately PowerPoint is a very extensible platform which can be shared effectively via a number of methods. For Corporate wide distribution Microsoft recommends SharePoint as it has AD integration, versioning and embedding capabilities. Here is a useful link to show you two methods for Publishing on SharePoint via uploading to it’s document library or embedding as a Web part.
PowerPoint also allows you to share presentations from within PowerPoint via the Share button within PowerPoint (View the Microsoft guidance here). When you use a Business edition of SharePoint you can specify AD groups such as “Training Group” to distribute the link to staff effectively.

If none of these methods work well for you, we can provide a SCORM compliant version of the training. Use the Contact Us page to inquire about SCORM compliance / LMS integration or any other questions.

Payments / Refunds

Payments will appear as DPO Solutions. Refunds for basic editions are limited to technical issues that cannot be resolved by us or double billing issues. Be sure to check your junk mail if you haven’t received your download link before contacting us.
Corporate Premium customers are entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase for any reason.

Other Products & Development

We stock a range of GRC products in our Store covering areas such as data privacy awareness, payment card compliance, AI, sectoral specific regs and more which have a similar look and feel to this training.

Deck and graphic customization options are available such as at corporate branding, custom forms & graphics, audio / video embedding, scorm compliance and more.


Contact us on our contact-us page if you have a question about this product or would like us to develop a training deck for you.

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10 reviews for Cybersecurity Awareness Training PPT Course 2024 ed

  1. Deborah Ramos, Seattle (verified owner)

    I run a mid size security team and was looking for something quick to roll out as our existing training was getting old. This was a fresh look at the key security topics which I liked, as did my team.

  2. Patrick Harris Snr, New Jersey (verified owner)

    Good value for money with, covers all the essentials.

  3. L Roberts, CT (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, packs alot of punch in an easy to use product

  4. T. Andrews, VA (verified owner)

    Covers all the basics in an easy to understand format, feedback has been very positive from the guys who work for me in compliance.

  5. M Fernandez, CA (verified owner)

    Ready to go for Monday with a new nice presentation for my team :-)

  6. T Roberts, Munich (verified owner)

    Very useful, thanks.

  7. N Martinez (verified owner)

    Handy course in a presentation format, look forward to clicking the compliance training checkbox!

  8. L Nasser, UAE (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, good value for money.

  9. L.M. Cortez, CA (verified owner)

    Bought this and the data privacy course, like the format and features!

  10. Mark Myers, San Francisco. (verified owner)

    The slides were designed with attention to detail, incorporating relevant images and graphics that enhanced the overall message. The use of colors and fonts was also well thought out, making the training visually engaging.

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