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A 4 module cybersecurity awareness PowerPoint training for employees with example handouts and privacy awareness trifold brochure.


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Cybersecurity Awareness Introduction Module
Awareness Introduction
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Module 1
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Module 4
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Awareness Introduction
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
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What is it?

Our cybersecurity awareness training powerpoint course is a low cost, full scope training program for employees. It covers an extensive range of security and privacy topics in an easy to understand format with a built-in quiz section to test user retention and comprehension. Easy to customize and setup, students are taken on a journey from basic security terminology to more advanced topics like regulations and compliance frameworks.

What’s Included?

Included with this product is a course contents document (free to download Here)  5 presentations (Introduction deck + 4 course modules), 2 pdf handouts (a malicious text example and a malicious email example) and a tri-fold handout privacy awareness brochure for employees.

Use Cases?

This training powerpoint and material has a wide range of uses such as;

  • As a personal learning tool for security and privacy topics to jumpstart your understanding of this space
  • C-Level staff who want to learn more, present or deliver security awareness training to their organization.
  • HR Onboarding (New Hires)
  • Meeting mandatory compliance annual training obligations
  • As a starter template for new security functions
  • Evidence of a training program for auditors/ISO certification purposes
  • As an additional module for existing cybersecurity training

Why You Need it?

Cases of ransomware and regulatory fines have increased dramatically over the last few years on a global scale. Awareness training is a critical factor in mitigating the risks, particularly training which learners can relate to and absorb so that human error is reduced.
In addition, auditors, regulatory bodies, certification bodies and customers expect and demand that staff are specifically trained on privacy risks and take due care in handling personal data. Our training is a low cost, high impact solution for raising awareness and learning multiple areas quickly.


  • Easy and concise coverage of the security terminology, risks, security steps and regulations in 15-30 minute modules
  • Latest PowerPoint (.pptx) format which is compatible with mobile device apps
  • Covers working from home security and personal device security
  • Covers existing (ISO, NIST) and new privacy frameworks such as the ADPPA and Trans-atlantic data treaty (Post-Privacy Shield)
  • Includes supporting training material (examples) and trifold awareness .pdf brochure for employee workspaces
  • Covers key risks which lead to fines and breaches
  • Includes a short multiple choice quiz to test user comprehension
  • Economic file size for easy email distribution
  • High spec slide layout with the latest .pptx file format
  • Easy to customise slidedeck and convert it to a presentation for example by removing quiz section
  • Works on mobile (using “Microsoft Powerpoint:Slideshows and Presentations” app.


To Payments will appear as DPO Solutions. Refunds are limited to technical that cannot be resolved and double billing issues.


Customization is available for general branding and styling or editing of Adobe InDesign templates used for the tri-fold brochure. You or your graphics person can contact us at [email protected]. We’ll provide quotes based on your requirements.


All content contained in this is the exclusive copyright of DPO Solutions. Use of the content is limited to the purchaser / organization using the material. Additional organizations require a separate license.

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3 reviews for Cybersecurity Awareness PowerPoint Training Course

  1. T. Andrews, VA (verified owner)

    Covers all the basics in an easy to understand format, feedback has been very positive from the guys who work for me in IT.

  2. Deborah Ramos, Seattle (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend!

  3. Patrick Harris Snr, New Jersey (verified owner)

    Good value for money, last deck (Module 4) was the best!

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