Data Privacy Awareness Presentation Training PPT for Employees

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Do you want to know what data privacy and GDPR is, fast? Train your staff quickly with our short data privacy awareness course for employees. Covers all the key points in a short format pptx that’s easy to follow and keeps staff informed and compliant. Also includes a free data privacy awareness poster in print and web format.


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This is an easy to follow, short data privacy awareness training course which is a great way to get staff up to speed quickly on data privacy and protection. Covers the main topics that employees should be aware of including what personal data is, what the main regulation is (GDPR), safe handling procedures, fine structures, consent, case history, company policies and more. We also include a handy data privacy awareness poster in web and print format to help you with your compliance program.


  • Easy to understand, short format which increases trainee engagement.
  • Orients employees to the concepts of data privacy and it’s importance for customers and businesses alike.
  • Reduces risk of human errors which are most commonly associated with personal data breaches.
  • Easy to distribute to employees in email or shared drives.
  • Easy to customize content and colors to suit corporate needs.
  • Easy to present on Zoom, Teams sessions to employees.
  • Publish it on SharePoint to make it available to your org.
  • Can also be uploaded to OneDrive and used with Microsoft Live presentation tool.
  • This training can be complimented with our other, similarly styled products (see other products at bottom).
  • Integrated 5 question quiz to test learner competency.
  • Recaps the main privacy risks at the end.
  • Available now without a subscription or scheduling a time consuming product demo.
  • No post sale marketing, i.e. you wont be put on an email marketing list.

Use cases for our privacy training

  • As a privacy awareness training solution to meet compliance requirements.
  • HR onboarding training.
  • As a template for compliance presentations.
  • Proof of privacy training compliance to regulators /customers / business partners.
  • Personal training tool for career mobility / certification.
  • As a presentation deck for Teams / Zoom based training.
  • As a reference guide for compliance professionals.

Customization Options

Ask us about customization if needed, such as;

  • Change of themes, branding and content
  • Conversion to HTML for hosting capabilities on your web server
  • Course completion email notification button
  • Certificate of completion feature add-on
  • Speaker notes for presenters
  • Narrated version of this deck for added impact
  • Online quiz add-on for learners
  • Forms add-ons, e.g. contact, feedback, surveys etc.

Compatibility Details

This presentation is in the latest PowerPoint format (.pptx) which is compatible with Mobile powerpoint players.

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Usage Rights

Copying this presentation for the purposes of resale is prohibited.

Payments / Refunds

Refunds are limited to technical issues that cannot be resolved via troubleshooting. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.


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8 reviews for Data Privacy Awareness Presentation Training PPT for Employees

  1. Trent R. San Antonio, TX (verified owner)

    Like the look and feel of this presentation. Much better quality than others I’ve seen.

  2. R. Enzio, Rome (verified owner)

    Very good, simple and low-cost.

  3. Clay B, New York. (verified owner)

    Great, this is the 3rd training presentation I’ve bought from DPO.

  4. Mark Myers, San Francisco. (verified owner)

    The data privacy awareness PowerPoint presentation was a comprehensive and informative tool that effectively educated the audience about the importance of protecting personal data. The presentation was well-organized and visually appealing, making it easy to follow along and retain the information.

  5. Mark Myers, San Francisco. (verified owner)

    The slides were designed with attention to detail, incorporating relevant images and graphics that enhanced the overall message. The use of colors and fonts was also well thought out, making the training visually engaging.

  6. Stan D, Annapolis MD (verified owner)

    The content of the presentation was well-researched and covered all the essential aspects of data privacy. It highlighted the potential risks of not safeguarding personal data and the consequences that could result from a data breach. The presentation also provided practical tips and strategies for protecting personal data, such as using strong passwords and being cautious of phishing scams.

  7. D. Martinez, Madrid. (verified owner)

    I really like the format of these courses, way better than other sub-par slide share sites I’ve seen.

  8. Merrick M, GRC Practice Manager, Boise ID (verified owner)

    Handy training course that gets my staff up to speed quickly on privacy concepts.

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