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Compliance Training Presentations

We have a wide selection of the latest GRC training presentations and supporting tools.

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Latest Regulatory Coverage

New and updated regulations are always around the corner. Our training is constantly updated for todays & tomorrows challenges.

Custom training packages
Feature rich presentations

Many of our powerpoint training presentations are feature rich with many automation features.

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Custom training development

We can build presentation sets to cover multiple FS and other sectoral regulations.

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Compliance Training Presentations & Tools

“Comply Better for Less”


If your in business then your in cybersecurity. Every organization requires their staff to understand the basic threats and how to protect against them. Our course includes 2 parts, P1: Common threats and device security and P2: Remote working security. We also include a fun game interactive presentation for increased learner engagement.

GDPR,ISO & NIST all require privacy training for employees for the current threats. Are you aware of the latest privacy threats, do you and your staff fully understand privacy obligations. Find out more by clicking below.

The PCI-DSS 4.0 is fast approaching. Don’t risk an expensive compliance fail by not preparing. Visit our PCI-DSS 4 primer presentation to find out the details you need to know.

Are you an FS firm or ICT supplier operating in Europe? Get ready for the digital operational resiliency act deadline with our training presentation.

Remote working introduced a nuanced set of security vulnerabilities in organizations after COVID. Organizations and their staff need to keep their guard up, this security presentation will help.

Generative AI introduces security risks into every organization that uses it. Have you full knowledge of the risks that comes with it. Explore more with our AI Security presentation.

Essential Privacy Downloads

“Resources for GDPR’rs”


Looking for a template to record your processing activities?

Record of Processing Activities Template


Data Privacy Impact Assessment .xls Template

Data Privacy Policy Sample Template


Standard Contractual Clauses Template

Record of Processing Activities Template


GDPR Automated Self Assessment Tool

Record of Processing Activities Template


Why Build a Custom Presentation?

There’s a theme in GRC training in 2024 / 2025 which is the old ways are not good enough and it’s time to specialize. Industry regs like PCI-DSS 4.0, DORA (digital operational resiliency act), NIS2 and others demand more topical and less generic coverage. The training horizon is expanding every year as the compliance space matures which means you need to stay on top of it.
Now there’s a way to do that quickly, without breaking the bank and getting something you don’t need or can’t fully resource or support, which is where we can help.
We develop inexpensive, bespoke presentations for the Finserv and other sectoral GRC regs with guidance for companies at all stages of their compliance journey. Checkout our shop and blog if you want to view products we’ve developed and industry analysis. So, If your looking for help on besponke training, then talk to us. Use the email button below to get in touch.

The Best Data Privacy and Security Awareness Training Presentations, cybersecurity awareness training solved

Security Industry Stats


Average cost of a data breach in the US in 2023


The number of data breaches reported in the first half of 2023 in the US


The average tenure in months of a CSO, with 24% leaving within a year of starting.


Selling price for the top 10% of stolen medical records. The average price for a stolen credit card was $15 in comparison.


Then number of individual healthcare records which have been exposed by hackers YTD Oct 31st 2022.


Average overall completion rates for corporate security awareness training

Infographic: How Safe Is Your Password? | Statista

You will find more infographics at


The Importance of Password Security

Research shows that many high-ranking business executives prefer to use names as their passwords. Among the most popular name-themed passwords are: Tiffany, (100,534), Charlie (33,699), Michael (10,647), and Jordan (10,472).

Given the fact that executives are the most cyber attacked group of individuals in organizations worldwide and that most attack programs will crack names in passwords instantly, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness of the risks.

Phishing Risks

88% of data breaches are due to human error [Stanford University Research] with over 25% of employees admitting to clicking on a phishing email particularly while working remotely.

Read more about the research->

The Best Data Privacy and Security Awareness Training Presentations, DPO Solutions USA

Security & Privacy Training Downloadables

Visit our online store to see our full collection of discount data privacy and security training presentation downloads.

The Best Data Privacy and Security Awareness Training Presentations

Training Stats

Average percentage of security training material retained by an employee after 1 month. 30%
Percentage of data breaches caused by human error 82%
Average amount of time organizations commit to security training annually, 2 Hours

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  • DORA Act Compliance Primer

DORA Regulation Primer

The DORA compliance deadline is fast approaching. Understand what the 5 pillars mean and how to implement a compliance plan.