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Our data privacy awareness training powerpoint for employees is a macro enabled slidedeck with privacy risk interactive examples, quiz and all the information you need to train employees on Privacy risks.

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What is it?

This is highly interactive 41 slide privacy awareness slidedeck which takes viewers through all the need to know areas of data privacy. It quickly gets learners up to speed on the key areas of data privacy in an easy to understand format with animated phishing / smishing and wireless security examples and a built-in quiz section to test user comprehension and a tri-fold handout for students to keep at their workspace. The presentation is macro enabled (pptm) to allow the features to work so (be sure to enable macros when prompted) .
There are other slidedecks out there, but none like this, view the video below to see it in action.

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Who is this training for?2022-12-01T06:04:26-08:00

This training powerpoint and data privacy policy has a wide range of uses such as;

  • C-Level staff who want to learn more, present or deliver privacy awareness training to their organization.
  • Consultants who want to develop a training program for their client(s)
  • A personal learning tool for upskilling and career progression
  • HR Onboarding (New Hire) training
  • Compliance annual training
  • Data protection officers who are looking to recommend a privacy training solution
  • A presentation template for internal stakeholders
  • Evidence of a training program for auditors/ISO certification purposes
  • As an additional module for existing cybersecurity training
Why you need it2022-12-01T06:01:46-08:00

Record fines are now being issued in the US, EU and beyond for data protection breaches. Amazon was fined a record $800m last year while 9 other high profile cases broke the $150m mark. Most fines are avoidable if staff are aware of the risks and reminded of them on a regular basis.
Data privacy litigation is also at record highs where thousands of cases lodged under GDPR, CCPA and FTC lawsuits.

In addition, auditors, regulatory bodies, certification bodies and customers expect and demand that staff are specifically trained on privacy risks and take due care in handling personal data.

This training using our deck is a cost effective way of learning more about data privacy and the regulations and frameworks that govern it. Best of all, it’s international in scope which aligns with the fact that many companies transmit personal data across continents between corporate entities and processors.

The training is a useful personal training tool if you’re considering career mobility as data privacy is a booming industry. Gaining knowledge quickly could be a good resume builder and attention grabber in interviews.

Lastly, there are alot of slidedecks out there which are leading those like you to look for appropriate solutions to frustration. Fact is, if you want something else that’s truly interactive, designed by a privacy professional and not costing you an arm and a leg, it doesn’t exist.
Many companies out there will paywall you behind a junk monthly recurring subscription sign-up which many struggle to unsubscribe to. That’s not part of our ethos, we dont believe in deceptive practices.

What are some of the features?2022-12-01T06:53:26-08:00
  • In depth coverage of the main privacy regulations in the US and EU including GDPR, CCPA, FTC, COPPA and EU Consent Children, COOKIE law
  • Covers case history of recent actions by EU and US regulatory authorities
  • Covers core policies required by privacy regulations that employees should be aware of
  • Includes animated phishing, smishing, file security and WiFi slides so that employees will dive deeper into these important concepts
  • Includes a 5 question graded multiple choice quiz to test user comprehension
  • Includes a form to submit test results to the trainer and a certification slide which can be printed to PDF
  • Includes a tri-fold data privacy awareness handout for employees to have at their workspace
  • Easy to customise and update as it’s a PowerPoint platform
Product Benefits2022-11-11T15:25:56-08:00
By providing an ongoing training program like ours to staff members you will help meet your training obligations under data privacy and security obligations which are required by regulatory authorities, it will also

  • Give you instant access to privacy training without paying a monthly subscription or signing up for another time consuming product demo
  • Improve privacy risk awareness, processes and procedures inside the organisation
  • Improve consumer confidence and trustworthiness in the company brand
  • Promote a culture of better data security and reduces risk of a data breach
  • Provide you with a low cost off the shelf solution which is easy to deploy, modify and distribute
About the Tri-Fold Handout2022-11-14T02:55:06-08:00
The tri-fold .pdf handout is a useful handout designed to remind employees of data privacy risks. Many CSO’s distribute them at employees workspaces as a way of reinforcing training objectives of the PowerPoint presentation.
They can be printed out directly or sent to your graphics dept or local print-shop for higher quality production.

What about Customization?

If you would like custom branding or content on this brochure contact us at [email protected]

If you’d like to buy the source Adobe InDesign file, it’s available for $105. Contact us at the email above and we’ll send you the link.

Who Developed the Training and Why?2022-11-14T02:07:07-08:00

This training was designed by our founder and privacy expert and coder (Paul Rogers) who has over 25 years experience working for Wall St investment banks, US and EU insurers and Bio-tech firms.

He identified a gap in the privacy awareness market for easy to use, off the shelf training material which covered privacy in a non-legalese way. He saw that most training on the market today was geared toward expensive certifications and classroom training reaching into the 1,000’s of dollars which did not cover all the key material.
He realised that with Powerpoint and printed awareness media, most businesses would have the knowledge they need in an instant which they could pass on to their employees in a simple way.

Do you have other training products?2022-11-11T06:26:57-08:00

We have a range of security and privacy products available in our Store where you can find product similar to this such as our California Awareness Training and our new Cybersecurity training course which you can all find on our Shop.
Not finding what your looking for in our store? Why not request a custom slidedeck build with more content features from the developer, Paul Rogers at [email protected] with your requirements, he can send you a sample and he always enjoys a good challenge without costing an arm and a leg.

Payments Infomation2022-11-09T13:50:04-08:00

When you pay, charges on your card statement will appear as “DPO SOLUTIONS”. Refunds are limited to technical issues which cannot be resolved or the unlikely instance of double billing caused at checkout.

Contact us at [email protected] if there are any issues.

Are there any discounts?2022-11-10T02:27:18-08:00

Yes, We offer multi-buy discounts and other promotional loyalty discounts which are available on the checkout screen.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about bulk purchases.

Usage Rights2022-11-10T02:27:52-08:00

This document contains original content developed exclusively by DPO Solutions. By purchasing this product you agree to use this document for personal use or for the company on whose behalf you’re purchasing it for. Redistribution is not permitted outside of the above agreement and thus a separate document purchase would be required.
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5 reviews for Data Privacy Training Awareness Powerpoint

  1. Martin Breen

    I found this deck to really useful for my logistics company. The quiz section was something I hadn’t seen before in a PowerPoint and thought it was quite clever, also liked the coverage on how most complaints and breaches happen.. Great stuff.

  2. Francis Curtis

    Very useful, Cheers.

  3. Marie Macdermott

    I used your powepoint to train our Dublin call centre staff on GDPR, the quiz and case history was great for us.

  4. Mary Ann K, (verified owner)

    I work in compliance and sent the link to our CSO who liked it and started training all our head office staff in GDPR awareness. Seems to tick alot of boxes for annual training requirements.

  5. Yolanda Diaz (verified owner)

    I liked the instant access to the download, was getting tired of being asked to fill out forms for product demos on other sites or worse again, monthly subscriptions.

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