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Our data privacy awareness training is a convenient solution for training employees on data privacy risks, GDPR regulations, core company policies and case history. Easy to edit and distribute PowerPoint slidedeck featuring a quiz to test topic retention, glossary, risk recap and external references to expand on content. Created by a CIPP certified professional with 25 years experience in financial services, ICT and healthcare.

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Why you and your organization needs this training

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 was $4.35m in the US while GDPR fines such as Amazon’s $877m and Meta’s $275m fines bring home to organizations the serious impact of data privacy today. Data privacy training is mandatory within organizations that hold even relatively small amounts of personal data on customers and employees. Training employees regularly on privacy risks is a proven method for reducing risks of careless mistakes and increasing awareness of the latest threats. This training is a great way to get staff up to speed quickly with insightful content on privacy risks, types of PII, GDPR rights, core policies and case history. It also features a quiz to test knowledge and retention of the topics and additonal sections for reference purposes. It also covers the Irish Data Protection Act implementation of GDPR. This is important as Ireland is the lead supervisory authority for most major cases in the EU.
It’s compact, easy to edit and distribute format is well accepted amongst our clients as compared to expensive LMS alternatives which are content dense and unlikely to be effective for busy employees.

What’s in the training

Our 1/2 hour privacy training includes coverage of the following areas

  • Coverage of the types of personal data (PII)
  • Coverage of GDPR Rights and Principles
  • GDPR Rules for Companies
  • Coverage of the Irish Data Protection Act
  • Legal Case History
  • Main causes of complaints and breaches
  • Email Security
  • Risk Recap
  • Glossary
  • External References

Use cases for our privacy training

  • Ongoing employee awareness training
  • HR onboarding training
  • Background information for presentations
  • Proof of privacy training compliance to regulators /customers / business partners
  • Personal training tool for career mobility / certification
  • As an add-on module for existing cybersecurity training

Technical Details

This presentation is in the latest PowerPoint format (.pptx) which is compatible with Mobile powerpoint players.
It contains 23 slides and is 6mb in size (easy for email distribution).
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    Why isn’t the training free?

    Over 50 hours of research, slide design and peer review went into the creation of this slidedeck by a privacy certified professional. There are free decks out there but their quality is not on the same par. 95% of our customers indicated in feedback that they were happy or very happy with the quality of the material.

    What about other training solutions

    Check out our links below for other related training solutions and bookmark the site to check back for new content. When you buy 2 or more items such as this product and the California Data Privacy Awareness, or Medical Records Privacy Awareness Training you can avail of our multi-buy discount at checkout. If you don’t see something you want, let us know as it maybe in the development pipeline already.


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    5 reviews for Data Privacy Awareness Training for Employees

    1. Martin Breen

      I found this deck to really useful for my logistics company. The quiz section was something I hadn’t seen before in a PowerPoint and thought it was quite clever, also liked the coverage on how most complaints and breaches happen.. Great stuff.

    2. Francis Curtis

      Very useful, Cheers.

    3. Marie Macdermott

      I used your powepoint to train our Dublin call centre staff on GDPR, the quiz and case history was great for us.

    4. Mary Ann K, (verified owner)

      I work in compliance and sent the link to our CSO who liked it and started training all our head office staff in GDPR awareness. Seems to tick alot of boxes for annual training requirements.

    5. Yolanda Diaz (verified owner)

      I liked the instant access to the download, was getting tired of being asked to fill out forms for product demos on other sites or worse again, monthly subscriptions.

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