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Our express data privacy awareness training is a fast and effective way to train your staff on data privacy as required by GDPR and US State privacy laws. Includes background on what privacy terms, regulations and customer rights are. It also includes the ways in which employees can protect privacy with practical examples in a section at the end of the deck. Includes student handout PDF and handy course completion tracking spreadsheet with pivot table.

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Why you and your organization needs this training

Data privacy laws mandate that training be conducted for all staff handling personal data in many organizations. It’s also a fact that human risk is the number 1 factor in privacy breaches for the last 10 years, driven largely by a lack of risk awareness. The ongoing challenge for organizations is to deliver new training content quickly and cost effectively while gaining high participation rates and tracking completion for employees at scale. (See our guidance article on Creating a successful security awareness program, opens in new tab).
This is why we developed a compact training deck which offers new, valuable content for your team which covers key terms and risks concisely. As it’s PowerPoint, it can be easily edited and distributed when compared to expensive LMS systems which are an administrative burden. Our training has very high employee participation rates due to it’s compact format and visual based learning slides with practical guidance.

Should you choose to progress to timed quizzes with employee certificates of completion (to meet documented proof requirements) you can also choose to add on our QSM quiz package which includes a quiz and candidate certificate of completion. Click HERE to request information on the add-on QSM quiz.

What’s in the training?

  • Coverage of the different types of personal data (PII)
  • Coverage of customer data privacy rights
  • Privacy rules for companies as data controllers
  • Practical guidance in which employees can keep data private
  • 4 legal case examples
  • Privacy risk recap
  • A practical section with phishing and smishing real examples (sep handouts are also included)
  • Demo slides on how to encrypt emails & spreadsheets and dispose of media securely
  • A slide handout .pdf file for classroom distribution (includes slide notes)
  • A download link for the powerpoint to share with your employees
  • Free completion tracking spreadsheet with pivot chart
  • Option for a candidate quiz ad-on with certificate of completion (sold separately)

All at a very reasonable price, if you can find better at this price point, we’d love to hear from you.

Technical Details

This presentation is in the latest PowerPoint format (.pptx) which is compatible with Mobile powerpoint players. It’s approx 12mb in size. For the optional tracking spreadsheet you can use LDAP export or PowerShell commands to export your organizations AD users into a CSV format and populate the mastersheet (middle) worksheet tab. This can be a baseline for tracking all people who should take the training. Ask a Question?


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Usage Rights

This presentation is copyright of DPO Privacy Solutions. Licensing is based on use by a an individual or a single organization. Additional purchases are required for additional organizations.

Payments / Refunds

Payments will appear as Carlton Technology on your billing statement. Refunds are limited to technical issues that cannot be resolved via troubleshooting.

Why isn’t the training free?

Over 75 hours of research, slide and diagram design and peer review went into the creation of this slidedeck by a privacy certified professional. There are privacy templates out there but we believe they lack the quality and features of our product.

What about other training solutions

Check out our links below for other related training solutions and bookmark the site to check back for new content. When you buy 2 or more items such as this product and the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course or the California Data Privacy Awareness, or the Remote Working Security Awareness Training you can avail of our multi-buy discount at checkout.

What about product updates

Were offering a subscription service at $29.99 pmo or $300 annually which would guarantee that the latest content is available from our site. We update our content frequently so, to enquire about the membership program email us at [email protected]

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5 reviews for Data Privacy Awareness Training for Employees

  1. Martin Breen

    I found this deck to really useful for my logistics company. The quiz section was something I hadn’t seen before in a PowerPoint and thought it was quite clever, also liked the coverage on how most complaints and breaches happen.. Great stuff.

  2. Francis Curtis

    Very useful, Cheers.

  3. Marie Macdermott

    I used your powepoint to train our Dublin call centre staff on GDPR, the quiz and case history was great for us.

  4. Mary Ann K, (verified owner)

    I work in compliance and sent the link to our CSO who liked it and started training all our head office staff in GDPR awareness. Seems to tick alot of boxes for annual training requirements.

  5. Yolanda Diaz (verified owner)

    I liked the instant access to the download, was getting tired of being asked to fill out forms for product demos on other sites or worse again, monthly subscriptions.

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