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Record of Processing Activities Template Download


A record of processing activities (ROPA) is required under GDPR rules (art 30) for businessess with over 250 employees and other criteria. This ROPA management tool helps controllers to update their central register of records more quickly.


Download this free template and presentation if you are a data controller with over 250 employees or you meet one of the following conditions.

  • Your processing is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.
  • You process data frequently.
  • You process special categories of personal data, including race, gender, sexuality, religion, and others.
  • You process personal data relating to criminal convictions and offenses.
  • You must comply with article 24 of the Law Enforcement Directive (LED)

The first free template Includes an automated spreadsheet and ROPA process diagram to orient users to the process.

Download #1 .. (1 of 2)


Once downloaded, use this procedure to unblock this macro enabled file as it’s blocked by default in Windows. Right click on ROPA Manager .xlsm file then choose > properties > general > unblock > apply

How to unblock macro enabled file download

The second download is a presentation on how to manage ROPAs. Use the dowload button below.

Download #2 .. (2 of 2)

Use this presentation to understand how to conduct and manage ROPAs (compliments download #1)

ROPA presentation download

How often should I update my ROPA?

To comply with GDPR, your organization must keep your RoPAs up-to-date. Any time your procedures for processing information change, you should update your record of processing activities.

Who needs to see the records?

Article 30 states that all organizations legally required to keep RoPAs should be ready to present the record to supervisory authorities upon request. In case of an audit or in the aftermath of a data breach, supervisory authorities may ask you to submit additional evidence. Additional information may include records of consent, privacy policies, contracts, and other relevant data.

What if I’m still struggling with ROPA records management?

We know GDPR is not straightforward and sometimes external assistance is needed particularly in the area of administration. If you have a question, we may be able to help, in which case use our Contact Page



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