Generative AI Security Awareness Training Presentation


Get trained quickly on Generative AI Security. Our presentation covers security and privacy concerns over AI training data and models. It covers adversarial attack methods, deepfake technology and methods of combatting AI threats. This corporate training is a must have for companies pursuing AI as a solution in their organization.

Last updated on: September 18, 2023


Includes introductory knowledge of what Generative AI is, supervised vs unsupervised training, adversarial risks to AI (such as data poisoning, model inversion), attack frameworks, privacy concerns and how to combat threats. Also includes an interactive graded quiz, recap, glossary and external links slides.

This presenation is a great primer and training tool for organizations and stakeholders who want to present, learn more or formally train their staff on AI. If your one of the 10’s of thousands of organizations that are using or planning to exapand their use of AI, then this presentation will help. Also useful for board presentations, proof of commitment to training for regulators and customers.

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