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Data Privacy Training Presentation Bundle Pack


Our data privacy presentation training bundle offers you a learning path to mastering the key concepts of PII protection, GDPR and risks. This all-in-one download includes a 4 module training course, a data privacy reference guide and free extras to get you or your staff up to speed quickly.

Data Privacy Awareness Presentation 4 Module Course for Employees

Our data privacy awareness presentation training course solution is a great solution for training employees effectively in your organization on data privacy. Includes 3 content modules and a fun privacy game module, full coverage of important privacy concepts to help you reduce risk in your organization. Also included, our free privacy awareness tips poster.

Data Privacy Business Reference Guide

Our data privacy reference guide is a complete solution for businesess in understanding data privacy and complying with the law. We've put together an extensive amount of key data from authoritative sources so that you will understand in an easy to understand, compact format. We cover the importance of data privacy, common privacy practitioner questions, key privacy terms and how privacy laws are applied. Featuring extensive examples, an interactive quiz and valuable external links for quick reference. Easy to edit and customize for your organization. See sample preview slides and video below.

California Data Privacy Training Awareness for Employees ppt

This training will help you train employees quickly on California privacy laws. We focus on privacy risks, terms, regulations, case history, required policies and more so that they are up to speed with the changes. Includes interactive quiz, glossary and references.

Phishing Awareness Training for Employees

Phishing attacks are the number 1 global attack vector. Training your staff now on these risks is key to defense and even business survivability in a hostile online environment. Our training is designed to raise awareness quickly with a UX friendly format with essential coverage of email risks, threat tips and realistic phishing examples.


Our very affordable training bundle gives you the edge on data privacy, PII terms, GDPR and key risks in an all-in-one presentation pack format. We include a full privacy course, a data privacy business reference guide, a california privacy training module and a phishing presentation. Drill down on each product to learn more about what’s included in the bundle and take advantage of this limited time offer.


  • Easy to understand, short format which increases trainee engagement.
  • Orients employees to the concepts of data privacy and it’s importance for customers and businesses alike.
  • Reduces risk of human errors which are most commonly associated with personal data breaches.
  • Easy to distribute to employees in email or shared drives.
  • Easy to customize content and colors to suit corporate needs.
  • Easy to present on Zoom, Teams sessions to employees.
  • Publish it on SharePoint to make it available to your org.
  • Can also be uploaded to OneDrive and used with Microsoft Live presentation tool.
  • This training can be complimented with our other, similarly styled products (see other products at bottom).
  • Integrated 5 question quiz to test learner competency.
  • Recaps the main privacy risks at the end.
  • Available now without a subscription or scheduling a time consuming product demo.
  • No post sale marketing, i.e. you wont be put on an email marketing list.

Use cases for our privacy training

  • As a privacy awareness training solution to meet compliance requirements.
  • HR onboarding training.
  • As a template for compliance presentations.
  • Proof of privacy training compliance to regulators /customers / business partners.
  • Personal training tool for career mobility / certification.
  • As a presentation deck for Teams / Zoom based training.
  • As a reference guide for compliance professionals.

Customization Options

Ask us about customization if needed, such as;

  • Change of themes, branding and content
  • Conversion to HTML for hosting capabilities on your web server
  • Course completion email notification button
  • Certificate of completion feature add-on
  • Speaker notes for presenters
  • Narrated version of this deck for added impact
  • Online quiz add-on for learners
  • Forms add-ons, e.g. contact, feedback, surveys etc.

Compatibility Details

These presentations are in the latest PowerPoint format (.pptx) which are compatible with Mobile powerpoint players.

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Usage Rights

Copying this presentation for the purposes of resale is prohibited.

Payments / Refunds

Refunds are limited to technical issues that cannot be resolved via troubleshooting. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.


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Data Privacy Awareness Presentation 4 Module Course for Employees

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