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The Business Problem of Records Management

More businesses than ever are required to maintain records of personal data processing under GDPR and newer PDPL laws in the middle east and PIPL in China.

On top of the onerous requirements to map personal data everywhere in their environments (including with suppliers and in the cloud), companies must be ready to produce accurate and complete records within days of a regulator request.
If businesses fail to plan for this then fines can grow exponentially, particularly after a breach investigation.

As a business owner, you’ll want to have the fastest way of building and maintaining these records while reporting on gaps. This is where the power of automation is required to meet the needs of good record keeping. Our data protection experts have built a tool with this goal in mind with defference to the global nature of data protection.
We’ve included custom personal data types for different jurisdictions with KPI reporting and workflow features to speed up the process of compliance.
View the video below to see the product in action.

Once downloaded, use this procedure to unblock this macro enabled file as it’s blocked by default in Windows. Right click on ROPA Manager .xlsm file then choose > properties > general > unblock > apply

The second download is a presentation on how to manage ROPAs. Use the dowload button below.

DROPA presentation download

Features Overview

  • This management tool offers
    data accuracy and completeness when documenting personal data (PII / NPI) assets.
  • Alignment with multiple data privacy laws.
  • A Convenient and innovative fully automated, user friendly forms based system.
  • Allows fast record entry, record retrieval, timestamped audit trails and reporting.
  • Less errors with dropdown lists so you get consistent record entry.
  • We provide over 20 sample records for training purposes.
  • We provide a method of securely sharing a copy of the records to 3rd parties.
  • We provide printer friendly record output.
  • We provide an aged record reporting showing the number of records which havent been updated in over 1 year.
  • Low cost of ownership to keep you compliant
  • Fast support options if you run into problems.

Usage Guide

For first use, you may need to unblock the file from running on your system. To do this, right click on the file in your download directory and click security / unblock.

In the main screen of the spreadsheet there are 2 buttons, one to launch the main data entry form and a second to update the contact details.
The spreadsheet comes with 20 sample records and includes a tab for ‘field values”
where you can customize drop-down values for the form.
Raw records are stored in the ‘Records’ Tab, while another tab exists for ‘Charts’.
When your ready to use for the 1st time, there is an ‘Initialize’ button on the main data entry form which will delete the sample records so you can start adding your own.
To add a record, just start filling in the details and click save. Options to search for records and scroll are on the bottom half of the form.
Most features are self-explantory but if you have questions, use the support button and we’ll try to help.

What if there’s a problem with the tool?

Theres a support button in the tool itself or use our contact us page. If we can’t fix your issue, we’ll offer a full refund.

What if I need to customize the tool?

No problem, we can make simple changes at no cost such as label names, formatting or values.

What if I need to discuss in more detail?

We can setup a teams call with 24 hours notice, just include your location on the contact us page enquiry form.

Who are we?

We’re an international privacy and security business focused on building templates, tools and training solutions for public and private industry.
We understand the business and technical objectives of people we work with and pride ourselves on fast response.

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