In our data privacy articles section, you’ll find articles on the latest news on GDPR regulations, data privacy and protection guides, data breach incidents and coverage of US regulations such as CCPA and Privacy Shield

The FTC Signals Playtime is over for Social Media Players!

The FTC signals that it's clamping down on behavioral advertising used by social media and ad-tech giants. This article talks about what we can expect to see in future enforcement.

Snapshot Trends in Intellectual Property Theft

Corporate espionage has seen a marked increase in sophistication and involvement by hired hackers and nation states on a global scale. In this article we discuss boardroom espionage methods, motivations and the law in the US and Europe.

What is GDPR and the Data Protection Acts?

Whether your new to GDPR or you’ve been working with data privacy for awhile, it’s important to understand the basics of what it is and why it’s needed in the first place. The basic question for many people is, "what is GDPR?".

Five Key Steps to Privacy by Design

Most companies struggle to implement the 7 principles of privacy by design for a number of reasons. Among the challenges are the problems of interpreting the principles and applying technical and process solutions, in this article we discuss 5 steps in dealing with the challenges.

Cryptocurrency Security! How to Keep Your Digital Wallet Private

HIPAA covered entities saw an 85.71% month-over-month in reported breaches as of June this year which equates to about 1 million patient records a month.

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