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Security and Privacy Links to Follow in 2021 !

Are you looking for ideas for top privacy & security links to follow in 2021? Here are a few of my suggestions for practioners to stay on top of trends, reports & regulatory alerts based on personal research for articles I wrote in 2020

Five Key Steps to Privacy by Design

Most companies struggle to implement the 7 principles of privacy by design for a number of reasons. Among the challenges are the problems of interpreting the principles and applying technical and process solutions, in this article we discuss 5 steps in dealing with the challenges.

GDPR | CCPA – 10 Steps to Designing the Right Data Protection Program

In this article I discuss ten steps to build a successful data protection program to comply with GDPR, CCPA and NY Data Shield Acts.

What are the Key Qualities of a Good Data Protection Officer!

In this article we discuss the key qualities you should expect of a data protection officer in helping your organization comply with GDPR regulations and data privacy controls.

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