This is the main data privacy and protection article section. Here you’ll find articles with our expert advice on data privacy regulations such as GDPR, tips and analysis on risk management and industry analysis on a range of privacy and cyber security areas

How to achieve privacy by design with some examples

GDPR and US privacy law requires that businesses implement privacy by design in their environment, but what does that mean and what are some examples?

The FTC Signals Playtime is over for Social Media Players!

The FTC signals that it's clamping down on behavioral advertising used by social media and ad-tech giants. This article talks about what we can expect to see in future enforcement.

The changing face of AI powered analytics and it’s impact on privacy & hiring processes

AI powered analytics is used by 89% of HR depts to pre-screen candidates across the globe. But is emotion analytics and the risk of racial and gender bias make it fit for purpose.

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