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Twelve Steps to Protect Public Sector Organizations from the Latest Security Threats

In a recent report by the Guardian on the NHS data breach last May which saw hundreds of NHS systems in the UK infected by the Wannacry ransomware virus, it’s reported that a £100,000 ransom was paid to unlock systems and that more worryingly, the cost of the breach is still unknown but continues to rise. With the alarming increase in threats to privacy like ransomware and the potential for hefty GDPR non-compliance fines after May 2018, the risks to public sector operations has never been greater. In this 35 minute interactive session, Paul Rogers a cybersecurity expert takes a look at the latest privacy challenges in an easy to understand fashion that will help you formulate a robust plan ahead of the GDPR compliance deadline. We will look at specific threats to industrial control systems, legacy risk, recent case history, examples of good data privacy implementations and a high-level process road map to set direction for your compliance program.

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