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This is a PowerPoint presentation by Paul Rogers on preparing for the GDPR regulations which came into effect in May 2018.

Ten Steps to GDPR Readiness Presentation

In a recent survey conducted for Mazars on Irish Businesses on GDPR readiness, only 16% of businesses had actually mobilized a project to meet the upcoming deadline. While 82% of respondents agreed that meeting requirements would be challenging to extremely challenging. In this 35 minute session, Paul Rogers a compliance expert speaker and fintech business owner, will take a look at the challenges that Irish businesses face when it comes to GDPR and 10 practical steps that stakeholders can do to be ready for the May 2018 deadline. He will look at internal governance, consumer self service models, trans-border data transfers, privacy shield, NIS directives, policy readiness and more. He will also cover common compliance failures and data protection commissioner case history reports which will help you stay clear of trouble.

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