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Our data privacy awareness presentation training pptm solution is a really good solution for training employees effectively in your organization on all things privacy related. It covers the key concepts behind GDPR, top privacy risks, policies to be aware of, roles, case history for 2024, basic legal principles, phishing, and much more that you wont find anywhere else.


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What is the data privacy awareness training?

This 32 slide awareness training is designed to help employees quickly understand what personal data is and their responsibilities within the organization in protecting data. It provides all the coverage you need to teach them the rules and stay compliant with the regulations in one interactive training session.
We believe this training format addresses the problem of overly dense, expensive and legalistic type training that’s out there for data protection today. Our training uses easy to understand language to show staff what they need to know without confusing them with too much information to the point of being counter-productive.
This product is in use today by dozens of happy clients who’ve bought other products from our compliance collection.

What are the requirements for data privacy training?

Let’s face it, compliance training is not fun but it cannot be overlooked. If you are a data controller or processor GDPR requires that awareness training be conducted for staff on a continual basis with up to date training material. Data privacy objectives are also integrated into common industry frameworks and certifications such as ISO, NIST and SOC2 which also require ongoing awareness training.

In addition, regulators require that approrpriate training is given to staff on personal data handling at penalty of significant sanctions if not done so.

What’s in the data privacy awareness training?

This awareness training has 32 slides which includes coverage of;

  • What is personal data?
  • Why personal data is important to business?
  • A high level introduction to GDPR.
  • GDPR rights, roles and responsibilities.
  • How GDPR is enforced.
  • GDPR scope and fines.
  • The Data Protection Officer role.
  • Phishing explained video.
  • How to avoid privacy risks?
  • Required privacy policies.
  • Data protection legal case studies.
  • Graded 5 question quiz section.
  • Recap, glossary and external link resources sections.
  • Results notfication and certification section.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to understand, non-techie format which increases trainee engagement.
  • Includes video and animation to further keep users engaged.
  • Orients employees to the concepts of data privacy and it’s importance for customers and businessess alike.
  • Reduces risk of human errors which are most commonly associated with personal data breaches.
  • Reduces costly fines in cases of a breach as employees will be considered to have been trained.
  • Includes the latest risks for 2024.
  • Includes speaker notes.
  • Easy to modify for your needs.
  • As it’s PowerPoint it’s easy to integrate and share on platforms such as Zoom & Teams.
  • Latest pptm format which adds rich features and functionality.
  • Free email support for 1 year after purchase.

Use cases for our privacy training

  • To meet regulatory training compliance requirements.
  • To conform with framework and certification requirements (e.g. ISO, SOC2).
  • To reduce potential fines in cases of a data breach.
  • As a risk management tool from privacy risks.
  • As evidence or training for audits and assessments.
  • Onboarding training.
  • As a training template for instructors.
  • Evidence of commitment to taking privacy seriously for regulators /customers / business partners.
  • As a personal training tool.

Compatibility Details

This presentation is in the latest PowerPoint format (.pptm) which is compatible with mobile powerpoint players.
You must allow Active X / Macro enabled content if prompted when running the training deck as several features and forms are VBA dependent. You can request a macro version with most automation features disabled.
** Be sure to check junk mail in case you didn’t get your download link on checkout

Usage Rights

Copying this presentation of the purposes of resale is prohibited without express permission.

Payments / Refunds / Discounts

Refunds are limited to technical issues that cannot be resolved via troubleshooting. Most credit cards and PayPal is accepted at checkout, we can also accept bank transfers and generate invoices with PO’s (email [email protected]). Lookout for 10% discount at checkout.

Product Development & Customization Information

This training product was developed by CIPP/EU certified privacy practitioner with 15 years industry experience. 120 hours of development time has been placed in creating this deck which includes, research, graphics, coding, quiz animation sequences and peer review. It was designed with best practice training methods.

Product customization services are available for your business by using our [email protected] address. We can also build training for most security frameworks (PCI-DSS 4.0, ISO, NIST, SOC2 etc) with or without narration and hosting using a HTML format. Quotes are based on estimated no of pages.
Remember security training is becoming less generic and more topical as evidenced by new requirements in PCI-DSS 4.0 so we recommend a review of your existing training and taking things to the next level.

Request a sample

Still not sure, request a no-obligation sample, send us an email to [email protected] with your name and corporate email address and we’ll provide you with a link.

Past Clients

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4 reviews for Data Privacy Awareness Presentation Training for Employees 2024

  1. D.Abrahams (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!

  2. M.Freedman (verified owner)

    Very happy with the purchase, will use it for our GDPR compliance training program for 2024.

  3. M.Klucartis (verified owner)

    I bought this and the cybersecurity awareness training course, very happy with the ease of use and style of training. It’s definitely an easier way of doing things then what we had before.

  4. T.Perez (verified owner)

    I’ve used this for my sales division and found it to be quick and easy to use. I would recommend for others who are thinking of buying it.

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