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Free Gift – Cybersecurity Awareness Tips Flyer


Keep cybersecurity on everyones mind in the workplace with our free downloadable tips poster. Two formats (PDF print + web).


Cybersecurity is everyones responsibility. Our free flyer is designed to remind staff in the workplace and at home of the risks and what they can do. Studies have shown that the most effective security training is multi-modal when a combination of methods are used to drive the message home. This is all the more the case when you consider that most employees will forget over 85% of what they learned in training after 1 week which is good news for hackers, this is why visual cues like this poster are important. Posters are also a visual reminder to upper management that someone is doing their job in the organization on privacy training, Kudos to you.

What you get?
This poster is completely free of charge with no marketing follow-up. We provide this with the hopes that you’ll bookmark our site and come back for our other training products, you will not be charged at checkout. The download includes a high quality PDF printable format (300dpi) plus a web format (.webp) for easy online/email use). These can be printed out or sent to a graphics department.

Need a poster with your company url / contact links?
Use our contact us page to inquire about changes or getting a copy of the source graphics we used to create this (.ai format). You can also future-proof your needs by requesting to be notified of future poster creations by contacting us, so that we’ll add you to the poster notification list

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6.22in x 8.66in


WebP 72 DPI



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