Record fines are now being issued in the US, EU and China for data protection abuses & breaches, many of which are down to lack of awareness of privacy risks and lack of familiarity with the rules. Amazon was fined a record $800m in 2021 while 9 other high profile cases broke the $150m mark. Most fines are avoidable if staff are aware of the risks and reminded of them on a regular basis. Data Privacy litigation is also at record highs where over 200 class action suits were filed in the US citing California’s CCPA law with many other cases invoking the even more punitive Section 5 of FTC conumer protection act.

In addition, auditors, regulatory bodies, certification bodies and customers expect and demand that staff are specifically trained on privacy risks and take due care in handling personal data.

This training using our deck is a cost effective way of learning more about data privacy and the regulations and frameworks that govern it. Best of all, it’s international in scope which aligns with the fact that many companies transmit personal data across continents between corporate entities and processors.

Lastly, the training is a useful personal training tool if you’re considering career mobility as data privacy is a booming industry. Gaining knowledge quickly could be a good resume builder and fast track to aceing that interview.