We believe that we come out on top in several ways!

  1. Dedicated Resource: We only work directly with our clients i.e. a named resource rather than from a random pool of rotating resources who may handle dozens of clients at a time. If you choose a contract with us, you get full, dedicated support from 1 expert for the days agreed.
  2. No Upselling: Some providers will place contingencies on their services, i.e. your tied to using their software offering as well. This is common with larger firms who aim to up sell you on tic-tacky add-ons in a land and expand service approach.
    We only provide a staffing solution without the add-on sales pitch for vaporware with a management overhead.
  3. Cost: You likely won’t get a better market rate for our service. Our overheads are low as a small company which means we can pass on the savings to you.
  4. Experience: It’s great to be an experienced DPO, having worked across multiple verticals. It’s even better to have proven people skills with an extensive cybersecurity and legal track record. Being a DPO means more than having just the title, multi-faceted experience makes a difference.
  5. Service Guarantee?: Yes, we provide a 30 day service guarantee. If your not happy with the service, then we won’t ask you to pay.

Still not sure? that’s ok, use the form at the end of this page to setup a call to discuss further.