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Technical Security Researcher Service

  • Are you Looking for help with product research?
  • Do you need cyber content for your publication?
  • Do you require a high quality work product?

Technical Expert

You benefit from a seasoned technical researcher who can perform product comparisons in a highly useful way.

Communication & Presentation Skills

Strategic & purchasing decisions rely on clear messaging, presentation and factual data to support them. We can help

Time Saving

Research is time-consuming by nature and can cause signficant drag on time. Outsourcing to an expert can be a good solution.

Why You Need a Security Technical Researcher

Research is a fundamental part of staying competitive and ahead of the latest threats. New technology must be vetted before purchase which means solution comparisons must be drawn up. This requires vendor meetings, reviews of industry and consumer reports, write-up in a comparison table and final presentation to stakeholders. This requires time and subject matter expertise so the right questions are asked. This is where we can help.

Who will do the work?

Paul Rogers CISSP, CIPP/E, CISA is a veteran privacy and security expert with 25+ years experience. He is based in Ireland and holds US/UK and Irish citizenship. He has worked in in several privacy roles for multinationals where feedback has always been strong from customers and colleagues. He is recognised for clear communication skills, public speaking, analytical skills and a deep technical knowlege as a result of his diverse background having worked in financial services, energy, medical, pharma and technology firms.

Range of Support Tasks

  • Product comparison reports
  • Vendor vetting & meetings
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • User instruction documents
  • Gartner / Forrester Report Analysis
  • Presentation work
  • New policy / procedure documentation
  • PIA’s / Pen Test Work

Typical Research Tasks

  • Product comparison research
  • Vendor engagement / meetings / demos
  • Product SWOT analysis
  • Cyber content writing for corporate publications
  • Presentation work for stakeholders
  • Cost Benefit analysis work
  • Product risk analysis
  • Internal meetings

How Much Does it Cost?

An hourly rate of €75 / $75 is invoiced for any research related work. Minimum billable €45 per half hour. Service be cancelled at any time, minimizing risk to you. Other support option maybe available upon request.

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Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers, CISSP, CIPP, CISA
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