• Get trained quickly on Generative AI Security. Our presentation covers security and privacy concerns over AI training data and models. It covers adversarial attack methods, deepfake technology and methods of combatting AI threats. This corporate training is a must have for companies pursuing AI as a solution in their organization.
  • Our data privacy awareness presentation training solution is a great solution for anyone who wants to learn or present information on data privacy and protection. It primes viewers on personal data, key regulations, privacy concerns in AI and Cloud computing, how breaches happen, expected company policies and data protection case studies. Includes a 5 question quiz, recap, glossary and external links pages.
  • A 2 module cybersecurity awareness PowerPoint training for employees with end of module quizzes and examples for trainee comprehension. Simple but comprehensive, easy to distribute and edit with personal branding as required.
  • California Data Privacy Awareness for Employees v4, Powerpoint Training deck. CPRA came into effect in July of this year with significant updates to the CCPA act of 2020. This training will help you train employees on privacy risks, terms, regulations, case history, required policies and more so that they are up to speed with the changes. Get your staff trained today, so your organization is privacy compliant and aware.
  • Phishing Awareness Training

    Phishing attacks are costing businesses billions every year. Training your staff now on these risks is key to defense and even business survivability in a hostile online environment. Our training is designed to raise awareness quickly with a 360 degree view of phishing including terminology, threat identification and prevention.
  • Our remote working security awareness training powerpoint is a fast way to train employees on the risks associated with remote working. In the deck we cover the main risks for employees to be aware of with interactive examples, a graded quiz and a submission form to notify trainers of course completion. (See encl: sample slides with index) and more detailed description below.
  • Tired of looking for quality training content for your IT compliance function?,  then, try our low-cost, high impact PowerPoint security, privacy and PCI-DSS awareness all-in-one training solution for employees with end of module quizzes and examples for trainee comprehension. Featuring 5 x 20-25min modules covering cybersecurity, data privacy and PCI-DSS objectives in a simple, user friendly format all in one place. Normally, these products are sold separately, but for a limited time these products are combined into a single offering, providing you with a single purchase option which is at a heavily discounted price.  And for the rest of 2023, we are throwing in a free hour of support for any customization needs you might have, branding, links, slide updates etc.
  • Our combo security and privacy presentation training solution for employees is an ideal solution for orienting staff on the key areas in both domains all in one place. It covers the key concepts and risks associated with personal data, roles and responsibilities in data privacy, safe handling of personal data, video conference security, password management and many more topics. It also features end of module quizzes and examples for trainee comprehension. Featuring 4 modules presented in a simple, user friendly format all in one place which is updated on a continual basis as it's a subcription bundle.
  • A low cost 25 minute PowerPoint training solution for payment card handlers with end of module quizzes and printable awareness brochures. Easy to distribute and edit with company branding as required (customization options from $5). Covers what payment card data is, the PCI-DSS standard, fraud detection, payment card roles and responsiblities, phishing, payment card breach examples, concepts and terminology. View our video and preview slides and check out our related privacy and cybersecurity products.
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    Payment card handling security is a key security objective for staff in every business that accepts card payments. Over $50 Billion is lost to card fraud each year and 50% of americans report having being a victim at some point. Ensuring that staff handle card data properly is also a requirement under card regulations known as PCI-DSS which can come with significant penalties from card issuers when there are infringements. This printable tri-fold brochure is a simple but very necessary reminder to staff of tell-tale signs of fraudulent cards, safe sharing and storage, email risks and other tips. Use this brochure with some of our other products to increase security awareness in your organization.
  • A record of processing activities (ROPA) is required under GDPR rules (art 30) for businessess with over 250 employees. This essential template will help you comply with the rules. Includes sample worksheet, notes and process chart.
  • A Data Privacy Impact Assessment is required under GDPR and US privacy laws. It's also considered best practice for a majority of organizations who may not be technically required to perform them. This excel workbook has 8 areas of assessment split into separate worksheets. Probably the most detailed method of assessment out there and suitable as a template for new projects or project upgrades which present a significant data privacy risk to customer data. Also includes a comprehensive privacy impact assessment process diagram to guide you through the PIA process.
  • Gold Security Training Bundle

    Tool up your security / compliance function with our best value training bundle offer. It features our best selling items all in one bundle with no restrictions or subscriptions on use. Ask a question about this product? Questions?
  • Healthcare data breaches have now surpassed $10 million on average in the US with a recorded 590 breaches in 2022. Our medical data privacy awareness training is an out of the box solution for training staff on health records security risks and the rules. Featuring the latest HIPAA 2023 rules, data sharing rules, remote working risks, expected security policies and case history examples. Provided in an easy to edit and distribute PowerPoint slidedeck with a multi-question quiz to test topic retention. Includes a risk recap, glossary and external references for added value. A good solution to keep staff aware of the costly threats caused by human error. Created by a cybersecurity expert with 25 years in healthcare using a completely unique format developed by DPO Solutions.
  • Data Privacy Business Reference Guide

    Our data privacy reference guide is a complete solution for businesess in understanding data privacy and complying with the law. We've put together an extensive amount of key data from authoritative sources so that you will understand in an easy to understand, compact format. We cover the importance of data privacy, common privacy practitioner questions, key privacy terms and how privacy laws are applied. Featuring extensive examples, an interactive quiz and valuable external links for quick reference. Easy to edit and customize for your organization. See sample preview slides and video below.
  • Our CTDPA (Connecticut) data privacy awareness training is a complete guide for training employees on Connecticut data privacy laws and key risks. It will help staff understand the importance of privacy, what the key terms are and how privacy laws are applied. With extensive examples, an interactive quiz and valuable external links for quick reference. Easy to edit, export to pdf for printing and customize for your organization. Get ready today for CTDPA enactment this year. Created by a CIPP certified professional with 25 years experience in financial services, ICT and healthcare.
  • A record of processing activities (ROPA) is required under GDPR rules (art 30) for controllers and their processors when they have over 250 employees. This template will help you comply with rules. Includes sample worksheet and notes section.
  • Personal Data Breach Notification Template

    A personal data breach notification maybe required in instances where there is a high risk of impact to individuals due to loss of data privacy. This template includes policy objectives and sample forms which you may need in the event of a suspected breach as required under data privacy regulations.
  • Our data privacy awareness brochure is a useful tool for reminding employees at their workspaces of privacy risks. Featuring two downloadable files .pdf and .indd (Adobe InDesign file for in-house or external Print Shops)
  • In June 2021 the European Commission published the latest standard contractual clause (SCC) template to facilitate transfers of personal data to countries outside the EU. Included in this download are three files,the official SCC template and Annex in Word Format, plus a frequently asked questions .pdf file.
  • Use our free data privacy policy sample as an important internal document or as a template for a web based policy for GDPR / CCPA compliance.
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