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Data Privacy Awareness Training, Information Privacy Awareness Training, Data Privacy Training
Data Privacy Awareness Training, Information Privacy Awareness Training, Data Privacy Training

Data Privacy
Awareness Training

Bespoke Training for all Your Staff

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Designed for companies that must comply with GDPR and want cost effective awareness training


Our data privacy and protection training is a cost effective way to train staff on GDPR and comply with annual training requirements.

Wherever you are in your training path we can help deliver a solution based on your needs. From interactive powerpoint training to building an LMS module we can help with custom development, classroom training or running a training program. Our training methodology is based on continuous improvement through regular training, reinforced with printed materials (e.g. posters, articles) and tracked comprehensively through monthly metrics.


Data privacy awareness training is stipulated in articles 39, 47 and 70 in GDPR and in recitals in the newer (post brexit) GDPR-UK regulation. It’s expected that staff involved in any customer processing activities will be trained at a minimum on a yearly basis on compliance obligations and privacy risks.
In addition to the regulations, privacy training is also recommended as a matter of common practice in the following cases;

  1. After a suspected / confirmed data privacy approach
  2. Onboarding of new hires (HR Process)
  3. In response to current threat levels (e.g. Ransomware)
  4. As a customer assurance measure
  5. To meet audit objectives & regulatory requests for proof of training
  6. For ISO27k / SOC2 certification as proof of compliance

Training is expected to be administered in all cases by a suitably experienced data privacy professional who can be a DPO or external party. The company board is expected to ensure that awareness training is conducted regularly.
If training is not conducted on a regular basis, regulators will take this into account when assessing fine severity in cases of a breach and there is a much greater chance of a costly breach based on lack of awareness.


The areas we cover are designed with GDPR and ISO-27701:PIMS privacy objectives in mind. By mapping to industry frameworks, we believe your best placed to avoid regulatory sanctions and customer complaints. An example of 10 key areas we focus on includes;

  1. The top reasons why companies are breached and fined today
  2. Types of personal data (PII)
  3. Main data protection regulations and acts
  4. Company policies surrounding data privacy (remote monitoring, data breaches, data erasure, working from home)
  5. How to prevent accidental data disclosure
  6. Common social engineering attacks
  7. Safeguarding personal and company devices
  8. Key customer rights under GDPR
  9. Reporting an incident or complaint
  10. Quick look at recent data protection commission findings


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We know that finding a training solution can be a challenge particularly when there are budget constraints and time pressures are an issue.
There may also be issues around finding the right fit for training objecives as many training offerings are geared toward expensive privacy certification training, time consuming LMS integration work or recurring licensing fees. With our approach you get;

  1. Delivery options (Zoom, LMS or offline materials)
  2. Flat rate fee for up to 1000 users on our web hosted LMS (Dapro) system
  3. A trainer who has extensive legal, cybersecurity and DPO experience
  4. Flexibility and customisation in targeting specific areas of need e.g. AppDev, marketing, IT Admins, HR.

The key to success with training is adapting to needs and being able to report on metrics. All of our materials have revision quizzes to validate training effectiveness and we’re happy to provide dashboard reports to show ROI.


“We worked with Paul to for our data protection compliance, training and security policies. Paul has all round experience across a range of verticals and brings his knowledge and understanding of this critically important area to the benefit of our business. We are very happy with the project undertaken and the results will have lasting impact on our business. We look forward to working closely with them on other projects and are delighted to recommend him to other companies.”


GDPR was introduced over 3 years ago and introduced many new requirements that companies are obliged to adopt and manage at pain of significant fines and sanctions for non-compliance.

In 2020 the Irish data protection commissioner issued it’s first fines to Tusla & Twitter and saw an increase in customer complaints by 9% over 2019 and increased it’s funding from €1.6 million to €16.9 million in anticipation of future investigations. Their latest report highlights their increased scrutiny of cookie use (based on e-Privacy law), direct marketing violations, employee monitoring issues, access requests and fair proecessing amongst other things.

For companies, meeting these new compliance obligations has been challenging as Mazars reporting bears this out in it’s recent GDPR survey. It reported that only 8% of firms consider themselves as fully compliant while 61% feel overwhelmed by administrative burden and 28% do not have basic record of documentation. Perhaps most importantly 71% of firms reported a personal data breach to authorities.

To compound these problems, the recent HSE ransomware attack likely caused by a simple email link click by an employee has likely led to hundreds of thousands of patient records falling into the hands of cybercriminals and the accrual of huge recovery costs. With this regulatory and threat landscape in mind the pressure is on to “stay on top of things” in their approach to data protection.
This is where we see a value add to organisations who are rising to the challenge and want to meet their training obligations and inform their staff of the risks in a cost effective manner.We believe our data protection awareness training or (DPAT) service offers you a flexible approach to training your staff.

Effective data privacy is based on a solid understanding of legal principles and effective communication. Communication with supervisory authorities, customers, processors and internal stakeholders at all levels of the organisation. This is an area we believe we excel in.

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  • Privacy Awareness Email Templates

  • Board Expert Advisory Services
  • Training KPI Reports
  • Onsite Privacy Audit

  • Privacy & Security Training Dev
  • GDPR Policy Documentation
  • DPO Training

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