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DPCaaS - Data Privacy Consultant as a Service

Security Governance Support

Get the support you need on a range of frameworks

Fast Service

Fast turn-around times for service delivery


Reasonable rates as were based outside Dublin

Expert Trainer

Benefit from a certified professional with multinational and multi-industry experience

Why You Need Governance Support

Implementing a successful goveranance function requires expertise across a range of disciplines. Every ISMS requires skilled practicioners to understand and deliver security control objectives, communicate with stakeholders and develop internal procesess so that the organization can improve. We can provide the expertise you need, quickly and cost effectively.

How does it work?

Contact Paul at 089 6068145 to have an initial quick discussion about your needs. Email any NDA’s (if required) to [email protected] for signature if you need to discuss confidential requirements.

Where are we Based?

We’re based in Dundalk, Co Louth and serve Dublin, Louth, Meath and Monaghan areas. We do provide international support services. In the US or Canada call 415 854 7603. In the UK call 07832776122.

Typical Support Areas

  • ISO 27001 Program Delivery
  • Privacy Control Implementation
  • Data Centre Audits
  • Policy and Procedure Writing
  • Steering Committee Involvement
  • Project Security Review
  • Network & Application Documentation
  • Rule / ACL / API Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Vendor Assessments
  • Staff Training
  • Cloud Security
  • Security Architecture

Typical Support Tasks

  • DSAR Handling
  • Incident Management
  • AppDev Support
  • DPIA’s
  • ROPA Management
  • Processor Assessments
  • IT Security Support
  • Internal Stakeholder Queries
  • Change Management Privacy Control Review
  • DPO Registration With The Regulator
  • Policy Management
  • Privacy / Security Training
  • PbD Implementation
  • CIS Controls Implementation
  • NIST CSF / ISO:PIMS / OWASP Privacy Controls
  • Card Data Environment Controls

Past Clients

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