ROPA Product Key and Presentation Guide

$ 38.00

This is a ROPA how-to management presentation and activation key for the ROPA express management product.


This product includes two downloads, an activation key for the ROPA management product along with a training presentation (pptm) on how to manage ROPA records featuring our ROPA Express management system.

Summary of Benefits

The product key for the ROPA Controller Template Product gives you access to many benefits including;

  • A fully automated, user friendly way of managing your GDPR art 30 requirements.
  • Easy print, email, search, delete and record update functions to improve productivity.
  • In built logging functions to store, record add’s and modifications.
  • Useful export function to backup records to another spreadsheet.
  • Handy drop-down tables and fields fill out required details easily.

About the Presentation (Included)

The presentation download includes details on how the ROPA controller update process works, the recommended ROPA pre-work, how to add and edit records, how to share records securely, important FAQ’s, quiz and useful links.
The presentation also includes a 4 question grade quiz to test and reinforce concepts.



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