Payment Card Handling Security Awareness Tri-Fold Brochure


Payment card handling security is a key security objective for staff in every business that accepts card payments. Over $50 Billion is lost to card fraud each year and 50% of americans report having being a victim at some point. Ensuring that staff handle card data properly is also a requirement under card regulations known as PCI-DSS which can come with significant penalties from card issuers when there are infringements. This printable tri-fold brochure is a simple but very necessary reminder to staff of tell-tale signs of fraudulent cards, safe sharing and storage, email risks and other tips. Use this brochure with some of our other products to increase security awareness in your organization.

Last updated on: July 24, 2023


A pdf format tri-fold guidance brochure for payment card handlers. Print on a double sided printer, send to your local printer or share via email with employees as part of your security awareness program. Customize from $5, branding, contacts, department links, corporate colors, QR codes etc. Contact us at [email protected]. View our other cyber products in our store at Online Shop


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