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Our data privacy powerpoint smartdeck presentation is ideal for trainers, security managers, compliance staff and business owners who are looking to learn about CCPA / CPRA  and / or train their staff on data privacy. The powerpoint features high quality graphics with a easy to understand look at the new California rules, what personal data is, case history, an interactive quiz and a high level view of privacy threats geared at countering the human error failures in data privacy.

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The California data privacy awareness training PowerPoint smart deck is a convenient, low-cost solution designed to train business owners and staff on data privacy rules and risks. Using a unique powerpoint training format you won’t find anyhere else, it helps companies large and small meet annual awareness training requirements as mandated by state privacy laws and certification programs such as ISO and NIST.

Using a simple format, the smart deck walks trainees through what the California privacy regulations are, the differences between CCPA and CPRA, the different types of personal data that exist, the key risks and core policies expected under the consumer protection acts.
It includes many features you would expect from much more expensive computer based training software products. Features such as an interactive quiz, an ability to store quiz results and email them to instructors and ability to generate and save a record of completion certificate which can be used to verify training has been fully completed.

Why Privacy Matters

Who/What is it For?

This training has a wide range of uses such as;

  • Foundational privacy training for business owners & staff of California based companies
  • Designers of organizational training programs
  • HR onboarding (New Hires)
  • Cybersecurity managers who need to add data privacy training content
  • Evidence of a training program for auditors, certification bodies or to the office of the Attorney General upon request.

    Even if you have cybersecurity training in your organization, privacy training is a training module which should be separate from general security awareness training. This is to reflect the unique nature of the new regulations and the class of risks associated with consumer rights.

Why You Need it?

Fines and expensive class actions suits are now occuring every month for data protection breaches against companies hosting California resident personal data. CCPA regulations are now being cited in over 40 complaints a month in cases in courtrooms around the US. Most fines are avoidable if staff are aware of the risks and reminded of them on a regular basis.
In addition, the office of the attorney general (OAG), auditors, regulatory bodies, certification bodies and customers expect and demand that staff are specifically trained on privacy risks and take due care in handling personal data.

Training your staff quickly in cost effective way may be your best answer in training teams or your entire organisation.


  • Easy and concise coverage of the main regulations CCPA 2020, CPRA 2023 in a 20-25 minute interactive PowerPoint presentation
  • Covers case history of recent high profile class action suit settlements
  • Covers core policies required by the data privacy regulation
  • Covers key risks which lead to fines and breaches
  • Includes a short multiple choice quiz with score to test user comprehension
  • Includes options to email results to a trainer and save results to a database
  • Includes an option to generate a certificate of completion with student name
  • Economic file size for easy email distribution
  • Available in macro and non-macro based file format (note:macro version has more features)
  • Works on mobile (using “Microsoft Powerpoint:Slideshows and Presentations” app)


By providing an ongoing training program to all staff members you will help meet and future proof your awareness training obligations under the regulations. It will also help

  • Improve processes and procedures inside the organisation
  • Improve consumer confidence and trustworthiness
  • Promote better data security and reduce risk of a data breach
  • Increase potential to enhance the reputation of the company as being at the forefront of data protection

What’s Included in the Downloads

There are two versions of product download to suit your environment. The primary download is a macro enabled powerpoint file with a .pptm extension while the second is a non-macro version with a .pptx extension. The macro version as the name suggests contains macros which need to be allowed to run in your environment (see security sect: of the User Guide below).

The macro version includes extra slides at the end including the course completion record and print certificate as these require programming to work. The non-macro version (.pptx) is provided here for organizations with strict security requirments that do not allow macros to run in their environment.

How does the email & save record options work?

In the ‘course completion record’ slide of the macro version of the PowerPoint, there are options to ‘Save Record’ and ‘Send Email’ when you click the start completion form button.

The Save record saves the trainee name, ID and trainer name to an access database called ‘Privacy_Training_Tracker.accdb’ which is created in the users ‘my documents’ folder. A record is created with name, trainer, score, email, studentID and automatic Timestamp of completion. See below.

Access Records (Raw Format)

Access Record Query Table Format

Please note that the example with multiple records above, users were using the same machine and windows login. To use the save feature to record a class of 20 users on different machines for example, would require extra configuration allowing saving records to an access database on a network location in your environment. (Contact us at [email protected]) for help here.

Also note that in this example, MS-Access was used, it’s also possible to configure SQL or another database type save options.


With regards to the email send option, it’s quite simple. After a student fills out the form and clicks the send email button, an email in the format below is sent to a receipient such as a trainer.

Access Record Query Table Format

The receipient can then collate these emails to compile a course completion history.

Who Developed The Quiz / Why Use Us?

This training was designed by a cyberprivacy expert with over 25 years experience as a program manager, coder and trainer for major invesment banks, insurers, healthcare facilities, energy companies and more in the US and EU.

He has worked with several established instructional design models and has designed this training with the benefit of this direct experience with cost effectiveness and convenience in mind.

Payments / Warranty

When you pay, charges on your statement will appear as “DAPRO TECHNOLOGIES”. Refunds are limited to technical issues which cannot be resolved using the user guide or tech support.
Features such as saving to an access database and sending email may be impeded from working due to security restrictions in your environment such as macro restrictions or saving to a ‘my documents’ folder. This issues are beyond our control.

Usage Rights

This document contains original content developed by the author who is a data protection and security professional. By purchasing this product you agree to use this document for personal use or for the company on whose behalf you’re purchasing it for.
Redistribution is not permitted outside of the above agreement and thus a separate powerpoint purchase would be required.

To use the images from this product, you will require a purchase of them from
The image id’s are stock photo IDs: 1880790415, 173793329, 279232433, 700011460, 507513313, 115721329, 495697993, 143084485
, 239634340

Our Customers

Some of our customers


Please read the following sections to ensure the presentation runs on you system.


The presentation has some built-in automation features that may not work properly unless the “Enable all macros” setting is checked in file > options > trust center > trust center settings

Powerpoint Trust Center Setting for Data Privacy Awareness Training Powerpoint Deck,


The presentation uses the following four fonts. If there are any issues, they can be installed on your system for letters and icons by visiting

Montserrat, found at
Bebas Neue, found at
Open Sans, also found at
Font Awesome Pro for Desktop, found at Font Awesome Pro (Fee May Apply for Download)


As with any software, legacy operating systems and mobile devices may cause issues when using this product. No compatibility issues have been noted on Windows 8,10 | Android v10-12 | Apple IOS => 2019. Important* Non microsoft powerpoint viewers will likely not work.


If fonts are not rendering correctly, try installing the fontawesome webfont from here Fontawesome ttf download and restarting the powerpoint deck.


If you need to customise the product for your organisation and you have a question, click the button below and we’ll get in touch.

2 reviews for Data Privacy Training for Employees ppt (California ed.)

  1. Francis Curtis

    Francis Curtis

    Was very happy with this deck. I started to create a deck for our compliance dept for CCPA and soon realized it was going to be very time consuming. Well worth the $$

  2. T Perez

    T Perez

    Buena esa, just bookmarked your shop, cool training deck.

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