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Save expensive development time in creating and updating policies which may be incomplete, inaccurate and poorly written. This policy template helps you avoid policy gaps and unnecessary exposure to regulatory sanctions and adverse audit findings. No detail has been spared, as the document comes complete with external links to regulators and cross links to other supporting linked policies and forms whose names can easily be changed to meet your internal policy names.

What is it?

A company data privacy policy is a requirement under GDPR and should outline how a company is going to comply with the regulations. This template covers the required areas including;

  • Personal Data Definition
  • 3rd Country Transfers
  • Data Subject Rights
  • How we comply with the 7 principles of Data Protection
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Security Safeguards
  • Data Protection Officer Roles and Responsibilities & more

Who/What is it For?

The document should be used by policy makers within your organisation including;

  • HR Departments
  • Compliance
  • Data Protection Office
  • IT Security Dept
  • Supporting documents for training purposes
  • A baseline document for auditors to use

Why You Need it?

Fines are now being issued in every EU jurisdiction for data protection breaches. Most fines are avoidable if staff are aware of the risks and reminded of them on a regular basis and in a detailed way.
In addition, auditors, regulatory bodies, certification bodies and customers expect and demand that data controllers and processors take due care in handling personal data.


  • Complete coverage of the key policy areas expected under GDPR
  • Detailed coverage of technical ‘Security Safeguards’ (IAM, Encryption etc)
  • Coverage of employee monitoring and personal data
  • Easy to understand table with a breakdown of PII and Sensitive PII
  • Includes many hyperlinks to external resources and cross links to supporting policies
  • Table with a listing of all European Data Protection Authorities
  • Clean document layout with revision, signer history and footer information
  • Presented in a corporate style ready for use with minimal changes


Having a detailed policy which incorporates legal and technical compliance processes will help in several ways including;

  • Improve processes and procedures inside the organisation
  • Improve consumer confidence and trustworthiness
  • Promote better data security and reduce risk of a data breach
  • Increase potential to enhance the reputation of the company as being at the forefront of data protection

What About Policy Updates?

Policies templates are updated yearly on this site, returning customers will avail of a 20% reduction on update purchases.

Who Developed The Template?

The template was developed by a CIPP/E certified professional who has worked in the field of data privacy and cybersecurity training over a period of 15 years. He has drafted and updated hundreds of policies in the space.

Why isn’t it Free?

There are many templates available on the internet which are entitled ‘download our free data privacy policy’. These policies are usually click-bait and not the real deal. Over 30 hours of development time has been put into this policy by a seasoned professional.
For a small cost, you benefit from a product which is detailed and can easily be customised to suit.


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Usage Rights

This document contains original content developed by the author who is a data protection and security professional. By purchasing this product you agree to use this document for personal use or for the company on whose behalf you’re purchasing it for.
Redistribution is not permitted outside of the above agreement and thus a separate document purchase would be required.


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