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Data Protection Officer as a Service

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Why You Need DPOaaS

A data protection officer is a requirement for certain firms under GDPR and is therefore an in-demand position. These companies must maintain a DPO of record for privacy notices and to satsify regulator requirements at all times. This person is expected to handle official communications from regulators and to respond to customer queries in relation to their personal data.
We can register as your DPO of record on a flat monthly fee basis and perform any expected tasks of a data protection officer such as record keeping, meetings, assessments, queries and anything else on an hourly basis. This can represent a real cost saving over hiring a full time DPO especially for smaller organizations.

Who will do the work?

Paul Rogers CISSP, CIPP/E, CISA is a veteran privacy and security expert with 25+ years experience. He is based in Ireland (Lead supervisory authority in the EU for many GDPR cases) and holds US/UK and Irish citizenship. He has worked in in several privacy roles for multinationals where feedback has always been strong from customers and colleagues. He is recognised for clear communication skills, a high responsiveness rate and a deep technical knowlege as a result of his diverse background having worked in financial services, energy, medical, pharma and technology firms.

Range of Support Tasks

  • DSAR Handling
  • Incident Management
  • AppDev Support
  • PIA’s / Risk Assessments
  • ROPA Management
  • Vendor Evaluations
  • IT Security Support
  • Internal Stakeholder Queries
  • Change Management Review
  • Regulatory Communications
  • Policy Management
  • Privacy Awareness Training
  • Controller/Processor Agreeements
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessments

Typical Support Tasks

  • DSAR Handling
  • Incident Management
  • AppDev Support
  • DPIA’s
  • ROPA Management
  • Processor Assessments
  • IT Security Support
  • Internal Stakeholder Queries
  • Change Management Privacy Control Review
  • DPO Registration With The Regulator
  • Policy Management
  • Privacy / Security Training
  • PbD Implementation
  • CIS Controls Implementation
  • NIST CSF / ISO:PIMS / OWASP Privacy Controls
  • Card Data Environment Controls

How Much Does it Cost?

To act as your DPO of record for your organization on a monthly basis costs €250 This includes inbox monitoring and 3 hours of DPO support. An hourly rate of €80 is invoiced for any extra data privacy related work such as from the task list above. Minimum billable €45 per half hour. All work is documented and itemized at the end of each month. There is no fee for service cancellation and other service options maybe available upon request.

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers, CISSP, CIPP, CISA
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