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  • Fully Qualified CIPP & CISSP
  • Immediate Support
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  • Fully Remote
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    Tips on running a successful security awareness program

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    Companies face difficult challenges when training their staff on security. Find out how to build a successful security awareness training program.

    Guide to Performing a Privacy Impact Assessment

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    Privacy impact assessments are required under GDPR Art.35 and US State privacy laws. Learn the steps required for a PIA and download our template.

    CTDPA – What to expect with Connecticuts new Data Privacy Law

    By |March 22, 2023|Categories: CTDPA, Data Privacy Articles|Tags: , , , |

    CTDPA comes into effect in July 2023 and introduces a series of changes for Connecticut businesses when handling customer personal data.

    How to achieve privacy by design with some examples

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    GDPR and US privacy law requires that businesses implement privacy by design in their environment, but what does that mean and what are some examples?

    Electronic Health Records – What are they and how to protect them

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    Last year 46 million medical records were stolen in the US in over 500 recorded incidents. In this article we look at what they are, what the regulations are and how to protect them,

    What are the Key Qualities of a Good Data Protection Officer!

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    What are the key qualities of a good data protection officer and what to look for in the hiring process, read our tips here.

    What Data Privacy Changes to Expect in 2023

    By |December 13, 2022|Categories: data privacy 2023, Data Privacy Articles|Tags: , , |

    What data privacy changes to expect in 2023. We examine some important changes in legal and technical due to come into effect.

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    Job Prospects in Data Privacy are Looking Brighter Than Ever

    By |October 27, 2022|Categories: Careers|Tags: , |

    Career prospects are looking good for professionals pursuing a career in data privacy. In this article we'll look at the opportunities and salaries you should expect to see in 2023.

    Facebook Whistleblower Calls out Corrupt Practices

    By |October 4, 2021|Categories: Facebook|Tags: , |

    Ex employee Frances Haugen turned whistleblower paints a damning picture of a company with high cash flow but no values willing to turn and look the other way from violent content to get more reach.

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