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About Us

About Us

DPO Solutions is a San Francisco based security eLearning provider.

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About Us

DPO solutions was founded in 2022 by Paul Rogers a Cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur, after he identified a gap in the data privacy eLearning market. He saw a lack of training options available covering the new California data privacy regulations (CCPA/CPRA) and decided to setup DPO solutions as an eLearning solution provider offering an array of low cost yet high quality training for California businesses. Data Privacy has become a top concern for consumers and businesses alike after a decade of deteriotation in the global landscape in terms of breaches and negative coverage of privacy abuses.
Our solutions are designed to raise awareness amongst employees and employers of privacy and security risks which often lead to hundreds of data breaches and class action law suits which are filed each year by the FTC and the California OAG.

We are happy to announce our development of a cloud based privacy eLearning module built on Adobe Captivate which is coming in Q1 2023. Talk to us, if you’re interested in becoming a Beta customer using the button below.


Our Clients

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Scripps Medical
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